One of my Linkedin connection sends me a message about Webtalk. He mentions that Webtalk is the best alternative to Linkedin and Facebook but the big difference is that Webtalk pay user instead of charging money or not paying at all. It interests me, and I did a search for Webtalk to find more information.

Webtalk is a social networking website similar to Linkedin
Wetalk homepage with Referral id

Here is my experience and inside look at Webtalk:

What is Webtalk?

Webtalk is a social networking website similar to Linkedin. It was founded in 2011 as per their company description. Recently it started getting a lot of user attention and at this movement, Webtalk has grown up to 1.9 million users.

Webtalk share advertisement revenue with their user, based on how much a user spends time on their platform. The second thing is that Webtalk also has builtin Network marketing (MLM) platform which encourages users to promote Webtalk to make money from their referral earned advertisement revenue. It is free to join and also they have a premium upgrade option for those who want extra features and no ads.

You got the idea, right? This is why Webtalk manages to get 2 million users faster and it is ranking 35k website on the web (as per

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Features of Webtalk

Now, you must be wondering that what can you do with

Well, the first reason to join Webtalk is to make money online. Webtalk is sharing 50% of advertiser revenue with their users and you can also become promoter to earn more money from your referrals for life.

Second big reason to join Webtalk is if you are marketer in B2B industry then it is right place to promote your offer and get organic traffic to your website.

Here is a list of features:

  1. Create social media profile like Linkedin and Facebook
  2. Post content (status, link, image and Youtube video) like a Facebook page
  3. Share files (Docs, PDF, Slideshare etc)
  4. Follow other users and connect with their to build your network link Linkedin (Follow + Connect)
  5. Manage your connected Network
  6. Browse News Feed and like, comment, share other users posts
  7. You get paid for doing things you already do online

My Experience so far:

I join Webtalk yesterday and since I have spent exploring their website and features. So far I liked their user interface and everything is working properly even it is beta launch.

Here is my profile on Webtalk: Araix Rand

Webtalk is the best alternative to Linkedin and Facebook
Webtalk user Profile after login

Does Webtalk really pay their users?

I have no idea about paying users for just using the website. I don’t know anyone who gets paid from Webtalk.

I also don’t see any option to submit payment details. I mean If they’re going to pay me then they should be asking for my PayPal or bank account details to send me payment.

I do see Ads on their website but it is not native ads. They’re using Google Adsend (Google ads) on their social media website. They don’t have Analytics features so I can find out How much money I have made since I spend 3 hours of my time.

Webtalk have 5 levels of MLM based referral system which makes sense to me But I am not sure about getting paid.


You need to have faith. They are in Beta launch so wait to see what happen.

If you have time and faith then join WebTalk using my referral link

Anyway, thank for reading.