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The classic autosurf model is based on trading page hits. AlexaMaster is indeed an autosurf, but cut from a modern cloth. It has a browser based autosurf which can be left to run by itself, all day or overnight, to earn credits. These credits can be spent on hits to your sites. A requirement is to install the Alexa toolbar, so you know those hits will help boost your rank.

However, you can also choose to spend your credits to get upvotes on Facebook or Youtube. In this way AlexaMaster goes beyond old style autosurfing. Now you can convert your autosurfing into social media SEO advantages. It is also possible to earn credits manually by viewing Youtube videos or giving Facebook likes.

AlexaMaster also has a built in job marketplace, something like fiverr. You can advertise your products or services, and buy those offered by other members. The unit of exchange is site credits. Credits can also be cashed out, so they are equivalent to money.

There are also options for spending credits on banner and text ads.

For me, the great advantage is that AlexaMaster serves as a bridge between social media and autosurfing. It is a way to build your social media presence automatically, just by letting your browser run.

In fact, free accounts only have 1 site slot, so if your goals are to get page hits, this may not be flexible enough. Additionally, the cost of upgrading is fairly high, running in the USD 30 per month range.

I think Alexa Master can be seen as a machine to convert browser autosurf time into social media upvotes, and in that role it works very well.

alexamaster Boost Web Traffic with Smart Ads

Once you have created your text/image ads, our moderators will deliver it to the AxM Ads publisher tool that connects with various high traffic contents placed on blogs, forums, chat apps, and B2B platforms, etc. You will only be charged for real unique impressions and clicks, therefore you will save a lot of money with our advertising tool.

Legitimate use cases for Auto Traffic

It’s important to note that automated web traffic, also known as “bot traffic,” is often considered fraudulent and unethical. In many cases, it can violate the terms of service of websites and lead to penalties or legal consequences. Here are some examples of legitimate use cases for automated web traffic.

Load Testing

Web developers can use automated traffic to simulate a high volume of traffic to their website in order to test how the site performs under heavy load. This can help identify any performance bottlenecks or issues that need to be addressed.

Security Testing

Automated traffic can also be used to simulate attacks on a website in order to test the site’s security defenses. This can help identify vulnerabilities and ensure that the site is protected against common attack vectors.

Analytics Testing

Web developers may use automated traffic to test how their website’s analytics tools are tracking and reporting user behavior. This can help ensure that the analytics data is accurate and reliable.

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