Search engine optimization has been around for as long as Google has existed. Now, marketing is moving towards social media. Internet marketing is a growing industry. There is lots of content on the web that will share what sort of strategies you should be using.

However, there is little information on how you can actually end up strategizing your content.

I mean, should you do email marketing or should you invest in search engine optimization? Should you work on Facebook or should you leverage YouTube? These are all the important questions that you must need to find answers for.

If you are confused on how you can create and launch a campaign in 2021, here is a step by step guide for it. It’s important to develop a website of your agency, and then gain useful backlinks for it to improve organic searches.

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Set your goals

The first step for every internet marketing strategy should be to set your goals.

  • What goals mean is that you need to list down what your goals are with internet marketing?
  • Are you trying to create sales? Are you trying to create a brand image?
  • Are there any specific products that you have inventory for but don’t have as many sales for?
  • If there any product that you are launching newly, do you need to prioritize its marketing?

Ask yourself all these questions.

Time frame

Now the same goals can be achieved in 3 months and in 12 months. It all comes down to how much time you have for it. This means that let us suppose that you have an e-commerce website.

And you want to increase your sales. If you want to achieve that slowly, gradually and organically, you can do that through search engine optimization.

If you want to immediately make some sales, you can go ahead and use social media along with a boosting plan.

Set a budget

Budget is super important in creating a digital marketing strategy. Imagine that you have 100 dollars to spend and again, let us take the e-commerce website example. Now if you only have 100 dollars, it is better that you go for social media marketing along with boosting.

On the other hand, let us suppose that you have 10,000 dollars. In that case, what you will be doing is that you will invest that money in search engine optimization. When you spend that much money in the long term and with that much budget, the fruits that you will yield will be much better.


Launching a campaign is probably very scary. We understand that. You have spent a lot of time strategizing for your campaign but you are not sure with a 100% certainty that it will yield results. In this case, don’t worry. Shit happens.
Track the results

Once you have launched your campaign, you also want to know if it’s working. You need to set milestones that will help you track your results. Likewise, you will need to work with multiple tools. What this means is that you will need to buy a few of them as well. Don’t stress much.

It is becoming increasingly important for a Digital Marketing Agency to join social media. This is mainly because people have got their attention on social media. Without marketing on social media, your business might be losing the valuable audience that could convert into lifetime customers.

However, all businesses are trying to follow the same format.

They go ahead and optimize their accounts to help communicate better with the traffic coming in. That is great. They also consistently post content to engage on social media. But how can these businesses really stand out? If every 4 out of 5 restaurants offer the same discounts for New Year’s, which one would the customer pick? Here is how your Digital Marketing Agency business can stand out on social media.

Tell stories

Brands love telling stories and all humans enjoy listening to them. Through storytelling, your business can really stand out. You can reshape how you brand your products and services on social media through storytelling. What this means is that you can tell stories about how people are experiencing your products and services.

You can share customer journeys.

  • What is more, you can share your own brand story.
  • How did your business start out?
  • What obstacles did your business come across?

These are all the different stories your brand is capable of telling. People tend to remember stories better than they are able to remember other stuff. Give them what they want.

Create unique content

Content is the number one thing for internet marketing. Whether you want to optimize your website for search engines or you want to share something on Facebook, every internet platform wants to improve the user experience. That is the whole point.

If people search for something on Google and find crappy content on the first spot, people will stop using Google. The same goes for social media platforms.

Facebook is making its algorithms more and more difficult. But hey, that is the whole point. If you can create content that will be able to penetrate through your audience that is when you can expect a win.

It may be that you are putting effort into creating content but it is not really yielding results. Don’t worry. Do you know of any people in your space who are creating similar content and getting better reach? Go ahead and follow them. See what they are doing differently to get that kind of a reach.

Build a community

You can sell a product to 100 people but if you don’t build a community around it, it is all in vain. When 100 people eat the same burger or share the same toothpaste, they should feel a sense of belonging.

This can be achieved through social media. Create content that invites people to be part of your club. Give them an identity. Make sure that they understand that being part of your brand means being part of a larger community of people.

Work On Your Social Media Strategy to Gain Growth

There has been a change in the way businesses market their products. Lately, digital mediums like social media, search engines and emails are the new way of marketing everything. Whether you are a tattoo artist or a restaurant owner, you have what is known as the golden opportunity to market your products online.

If your competitor is marketing online and you are not, well, you are at a huge loss. Remember that. For someone who is just starting out in creating a social media marketing strategy, this should serve you like a step by step guide.

The first step in creating a social media marketing strategy is the brand. You have to redesign, optimize or establish your brand. You need you to use designs that speak to your customers.

You need content that has coherence. Learn about the different ways you can make your customers remember your product. Whether it is through the use of colours, hashtags or a post template, you need to establish yourself as a brand.

Social media marketing strategies can’t be generalized for every business. However, if you use the above footprint, you can custom create your own. These are just the basic guidelines. What you will need to do is to do market research.

Customer Engagement is important

The next step is customer engagement. When you have a social media platform, you need to make sure that all the people who are coming to that website remain engaged with your content. If you stop posting, what will happen is that your page’s reach will decrease. This way, your brand won’t be communicating with your audience. List down all the content ideas that you have for your brand’s social media platforms.

Once you have a brand design and you have been creating engagement for your audience, you need to come up with ways to convert that audience into paying customers.

  • If you are a restaurant, can you share images of dishes from your menu that may tempt the customers?
  • If you are an e-commerce store, can you post a graphical picture of your largest selling product?
  • Or can you offer product bundling to increase sales?
  • What are some of the other ways you can get that traffic to actually go ahead and pay?

Flourish Your Agency throughout the Years

If you want to consistently make sure that your business stays flourishing throughout the year, what you will need to do is to create campaigns. This comes under customer engagement as well but it is important to mention it in specific.

If Christmas is coming up, you need to make sure that you are wishing your audience Christmas from your platforms. If there is something else, a festival or a socio-political event, your audience needs to see how your brand is responding to that.

One thing to note is that social trends leave a lot of impacts. If you are continually engaging with your audience under the influence of social trends, chances are you are going to end up doing well.