I am using Leadsleap from more than 2 years. In this blog post, I am going to share my experience with Leadsleap, review and teach you how to drive traffic from Leadsleap 3.0. You will know exactly how Leadsleap work and all the features you can use to grow your online business.

Understand LeadsLeap In 1 Minute
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What is Leadsleap 2.0 or Leadsleap 3.0?

Leadsleap is ads exchange website where you watch someone else ads in exchange for Ads credits. Then, You can use Ads credit to buy Traffic to your website or sell your ads credit for US dollar. Beside from Ads exchange Leadsleap have many other features like communities, review network, popup generator and autoresponder etc.

What are the Features?

All of the Leadsleap features are built to help you get more traffic and leads. It is not like any other traffic exchange website where it is hard to get leads. You can also upgrade your account to Pro which will get you traffic to your website without the need for credits. Here is the list of features.

Ads Exchange Network – You watch other peoples ads and other people will watch your ads

Best Credit system – You will receive credit for your time (Free Member)

Statistics – You can see everything from how many clicks you have made and how much credit you earn.

Referral Program – You can build a network and earn credit from your downline clicks.

Link Tracker – You can shortcut long URL into short URL and at the same time advertise your Leadsleap ads with other people.

Review Network – You can review any affiliate product or your own products and your review will get listed in the directory.

Send Message to Your Downline

Create Popup for any website and build list.

Free Autoresponder – You need email server to integrate with the Leadsleap autoresponder.

And Much more..

How Much Traffic will you get

How much traffic you will get depend on your account and credit.

For Free Account: You will earn 0.2 credits for the first 5 seconds of ad view and thereafter 0.1 for every 5 seconds. More time you will spend browsing the website the more credit you will earn. You will also earn credit on downline clicks. There is also revenue sharing which will reward with real cash after 10 ads view.

For Pro Account: You will have all the feature with a free account. Plus you will post 10 free ads (which need credit to get clicks) and 10 Pro Ads (which doesn’t need credit). There are other features for a pro account like 50% more earning on click credits, revenue sharing etc.

My Experience and Review

I joined Leadsleap in 2015, the time I was a newbie in internet marketing. I had no idea how it is going to help me. Previously I have tried other traffic exchange website like TrafficMonsoon. But, I found Leadsleap better than any other platform. This is clear that you will not just get Traffic exchange platform but communities where everyone is looking for to make money online, grow business etc. That is why on the Traffic exchange website best-converting offer is niche related to business and make money.

When I posted my first Ads giveaway campaign on Leadsleap. I received around 200 clicks. My account was free so I have to watched other people ads to earn credits. I got around 60 leads which was pretty much high as per other sources of traffic. Maybe that is because my ad was a free giveaway and it was about making money.

I am still using this awesome website to promote my online course, ebook, and build list. It helped me a lot as I am in Internet marketing and make money niche. I will highly recommend you to upgrade your account into Pro Account and put some time to learn this platform. It will pay you off in long run.

So, I hope – I have explained everything. If there is something missing please let me know in the comment box. Don’t forget to join Leadsleap using my affiliate link you will be glad to become my downline and partner with me.


Leadsleap review 3.0

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